Historical Research

Experienced Historical III researcher on staff and Senior Associate III on staff with cumulative 50 years of experience. Clients include but are not limited to Fortune 500 corporations, and State entities.

Conducts preliminary historical research for ongoing or future litigation and environmental actions. Conduct target historical research, collection of information, determing historical records and significance related to environmental concerns and issues.

Documentation and identifying entities in environmental concerns in litigated claims. Support of ongoing litigation and environmental actions and communications in connection with same. Target research at Federal, State, Local and City levels. Review and collection of Federal, State, city, and county directories. Target research of state industrial and manufacturing directories. Target research, collection, and review of local atlases and landownership maps. Review local and Sanborn maps, land ownership maps, and directories and miscellaneous maps. Review annual reports of utilities, railroad and road commissions. Review ICC railroad summary maps. Research state repositories. Research and targeted research, review and collection of newspaper clippings, public utilities fillings, property records, local histories, and building permits.

Staff experienced in review and collection of data and evidence and documentation necessary for possible presentations in ongoing litigation. All work is work product and confidential and in support of ongoing litigation and environmental actions.